Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility & Project Evaluation

Chadshunt is totally committed to ethical, principled engagement. Ever-mindfull of local impact, we provide the full range of monitoring, audit and project validation services.

This extends to a thorough review of the project or programme, coupled with skills in planning and evaluation.

Assessments and reports are thorough and concise.

Our structured approach can comprise a combination of:

  • Research and Intelligence Gathering
  • Needs Assessment and Resource Management
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Liaison Matrix
  • Key Leader Engagement
  • Accountability and Asset Analysis
  • Meeting Corporate Social Responsibility Goals and Developing mutually agreed Success Factors to achieve Local Legitimacy

Our experience includes evaluation and audit of a wide range of international projects.

These can range from the purely commercial to those involving government level international aid and donor programmes, and can comprise the following elements:

  • Local Engagement, Consent and Confidence Building
  • Agreed Measures of Effectiveness, and Programme development
  • License to Operate in competing local conditions
  • Governance (Corporate and Civil)
  • Focus on Continuous Improvement
  • Ongoing Mentoring

These are always carefully tailored to help you to implement a programme that will maximise the local stakeholder benefit necessary to underpin your long-term business success.