Project Design, Development, Delivery & Business Support

CSP is passionate about performance and good governance, gaining local buy-in and consent, and ensuring enduring legitimacy.

With first-hand experience in the world’s toughest spots, CSP can enable individuals and organisations to operate in challenging environments.

Careful and regular communication with clients and other stakeholders lies at the heart of all our processes.

Our Due Diligence experience is invaluable when sourcing key team members, especially local staff.

A 'hands-on' approach to programme monitoring and evaluation underpins our comprehensive approach.

The CSP Team can also format projects to satisfy the requirements of the Logical Framework, and the European Commission’s Integrated Approach to Project Cycle Management (DGVIII).

CSP's core capabilities include:

  • Personnel preparation, inclusive of cultural and situational awareness
  • Team mentoring & coaching
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Risk assessment
  • In-country scoping and evaluation
  • Project preparation and planning
  • Design and installation of life support infrastructure
  • Protective security, staff vetting and access control